Safety Switches


R.C.D's offer a fast power cut off whenever an electrical current inbalance is detected in a circuit.
Without the installation of these devices, your curious toddler or member of staff may endure the unrestricted force of 240volts of electricity in usually unforeseen incidents. Arrange for SYD ENERGY to install piece of mind to your home or office.


Let SYD ENERGY install the most effective solution to the constant worry of power surge and power grid spikes, by installing a surge protection unit to your switchboard or power-point.
The risk associated with power surges and spikes is unlimited to your electrical appliances and products. From your television to laptop or desktop PC, don't run the risk of losing thousands of dollars of electrical equipment or years of stored memories. Let SYD ENERGY show you the best and most cost effective option available.


As your home or office ages, sadly the technology installed becomes outdated and out of touch with safety standards and advancements. With most older style houses today still operating outdated fuse wire switchboards, whilst still operating they are no longer recommended to Australian Standard AS3000 and leave a heightened risk of electrical fires. SYD ENERGY's expert electricians can bring your home or business up to date with safety standards and regulations by installing the latest advancements in circuit breaker technology, assessing the right switchboard solution for your home or business needs.

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